Thank you to everyone that joined us at the Arts in Nature Festival and the Afro-Latino Festival

Many thanks to you, and your family, for stopping by to learn about the Giant Puppets Save the World mission: to build community with art, educational workshops, and to inspire joy and collaboration with giant art. It was a treat to share our giant puppets and teach you how to fly our enormous Cedar Waxwings. Pictures are on the way! Stay tuned and thanks again!

Catch us next for an impromptu performance of pure awesome!:


Giant Puppets Save the World, Sun Bird "Sol" will be there

Solar Festival in Seattle at the Shoreline Community College  2pm-3pm

We will fly our Solstice Sun bird canary, “Sol”, in honor of the mighty sun that gives us life, love, joy and happiness.

As the efforts to channel the massive force that creates life on our planet is pursued sustainably, we bring Giant Puppets Save the World to celebrate the sun! YAY!

ALSO a short cameo at The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation’s POW WOW, at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, Seattle, WA 98199, USA