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Are you interested in participating as a Giant Puppets Save the World Puppeteer, Super Hero, or Apprentice?

Here are some of the available roles we have (some spots are already filled – so please e-mail with your interest):

Giant Puppets Save the World Puppeteers :

Next open performance opportunity for volunteers:

June 20-22, 2014 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Mendocino Fair Grounds, CA (

  • Be a puppeteer at 5:30 for the opening ceremony and create a walking talking Compost Pile Puppet with Teacher Toni on Saturday and Sunday morning at 10:30


October 13th, 2013 Sunday Streets Berkeley, CA (

  • Come and be a puppeteer at 2pm at Kittredge and Shattuck on October 13th. Featuring puppets from the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew and Giant Puppets Save the World.  RSVP to:

June 9th and 10th, 2012: FIGMENT NYC (

  • Join us as a bamboo pole runner for the giant flying cedar waxwings or for the magnificent Quetzacoatl creature.
  • Contact to be a part of our roving field performance
  • Requirements: All performers are asked to wear white and be prepared to ululate at the top of your lungs!

February 8, 2012: Cello Madness Congress, NYC

Some Past Opportunities:

February 2, 2012: Cello Madness Congress Brooklyn

  • Perform the Quetzacoatl – four people needed (must wear all white)
  • Cello Madness Congress: At “The 19ths” , 59 Jefferson St. # 301, Brooklyn, NY, 8pm
  • An event featuring the live performance of our giant flying Quetzacoatl performed to the cerebral sounds of thirteen cellists all performing live in one room as the puppet circles above.
  • Puppetry performance starts at 10pm, puppeteers arrive in white at 9pm for set up!

January 1, 2012 (NEW YEAR’S EVE in NYC)

  • Only serious, 110% committed participants please. 🙂
  • Unicorn Meat Party, Dreamtime Party, Resolute Party, DUMBO Waterfront Ceremony
  • Contact: if you are interested in spending your 2012 NYE in NYC running around with a giant puppet to a bunch of amazing parties with beautiful people.

October 15, 2011 (Capitol Hill Art Walk, Record Swap, Karaoke Burlesque, Pizza Party)

  • Inn Arts Nortwest, Seattle WA, 1633 17th, Seattle WA 98122 (Time: All day, all night)
  • Art Walk, Record Swap, Karaoke Burlesque
  • Join us a a Giant Flying Cedar Waxwing at the In Arts Northwest meeting space for community arts and engagement in Capitol Hill Seattle.

July 16th Solar Festival in Seattle and the Seattle Seafair Pow Wow 2011!

  • Join us as a Cedar Waxwing at one of the events on this Sunday in July.  Must wear all white, contact, if interested.


  • Join us as a puppeteer/performer/photographer on parade day! We will meet at 10am for choreography practice before the parade begins, on June 18th, start time 12pm. (Directions to start location in front of statue place)
  • All performers must wear white (this is a strong reference to Bread and Puppet); thrift stores are perfect to find outfits.
          We need people to be:
  • giant flying birds (7 birds – two people per bird – perfect for love birds 😉 ),
  • a tree of life (two people),
  • an enormous dog named Dogody (three people – one in front to bark and howl, one in back to poop),
  • a huge snake (five people),
  • a small child or person (to hold an earth balloon that everything flies around)
  • clouds (six clouds, one person per cloud)

Contact Toni if you are interested: (209) 542-8664

Giant Puppets Save the World Super Heros (all must wear white):

– Photographers and videographer: We are looking for two photographers to be in our ensemble (we will give full photo credits).

As a photographer in the ensemble, you get to walk in the parade, but must attend an important training on June 11th, 9am, at the Powerhouse in Seattle)

– Water Momma/Poppa: Our Water Momma or Poppa makes sure the ensemble participants are all well hydrated with the earth’s most vital resource.  The water will be kept in the base of our Tree of Life.

Contact Toni if you are interested:

Giant Puppets Save the World Apprentice:

– Assists primarily with the creation of artwork leading up to the parade.  This is an excellent role for someone interested in learning more about giant puppet building techniques, methods and theory.

Contact Toni if you are interested:

Current apprentices:

Cynthia, Lillian, and Josh:

Lillian GPSW Apprentice

Cynthia Knox – GPSW Apprentice

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