Thank you to those that support the Giant Puppets Save the World efforts with grants, materials donations, attendence in workshops, volunteerism, public outreach, and the opportunity to teach about how to build, and perform, our giant puppets.

  • CelloJoe – Musician and vocalist for puppet performance, 2012-2013
  • The Big Tadoo Puppet Crew – Creation space donors, 2012-2013
  • Kevin Balktick – Puppeteer, Figment Festival 2012
  • Logan Grendal (, Giant Puppets Save the World Photographer, Brooklyn NY, 2012
  • Mad Sharpe Productions (, for supporting materials costs for the DUMBO, 2012 NYE Workshop Series
  • Fremont Arts Council – David McKay grant, 2011
  • Nature Consortium in West Seattle – Presenting Artist Opportunity at the Arts in Nature Festival, 2011
  • Northwest Cane and Reed Supply (8010 15th Ave. NW, Seattle) – materials for reed sculpting – used in Cedar Waxwing Bird heads and Tree of Life head, 2011
  • Solar Festival, Shoreline Solar Project – For giving us the opportunity to present on stage and teach about team building, 2011
  • The Edgewater Hotel – For donating the hotel sheets we used to dye our silk, make our peace dove named Olive, create our white performance clothes,  to cover the many tables we worked on, and to paint our Giant Puppets Save the World banner used at the Folk Life festival, 2011
  • Michael Spaly, Tom Rooney, David Westphal, Nick Hubbard, Janice McGuigan and family, Carol Xu, Jillian Raftery, Coco Chandi, Kathy Hammer, Lillian Garmany, Bill Fahey, Lydia Ngai, Jeff Pierce, and Josh Thorson – Performers, 2011
  • Camille Sheppard Dohrn and Teri Akin –  Giant Puppets Save the World Photographers, Solstice Parade, 2011
  • Seattle Folk Life  – Participants and volunteers, 2011

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