We did it! Thank you so much!

It was beautiful!  Even in the midsty drizzle the wings on our cedar waxwings took flight!

Both, “Sol” the silk yellow canary and the hotel-sheet peace dove, Olivia, were unexpected additions.  Well-received indeed!

We had a lovely article in the Seattle Times too!


Can’t wait to share photos from Giant Puppets Save the World photographer, urban gardening activist, and photo journalist, Camille Sheppard.

Thank you to everyone that made Giant Puppets Save the World possible. We could not have completed the project without your help and participation. It was a pleasure to see your creative impromptu animation of the puppets, with your bright vibrant characters engaging the audience. Giant Puppets Save the World is lucky to have such committed volunteers and supporters of community celebration art.  We sincerely appreciate your time, talent, and contributions. You make Giant Puppets Save the World!

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