Parade Day details!

Parade readiness!

Practice starts at 10am, parade begins at 12pm!

Secret Post-Parade Performance – optional! (shhh it’s secret)!

Be in the wonderful Fremont Arts Council Solstice Parade (audience approx 100,000 people – experience of a lifetime) and join us in this rawking ensemble of magnanimous puppets as a:

Giant Puppets Save the World Puppeteer (we need people power):

We will meet at 10am for choreography practice before the parade begins, on Saturday June 18th, start time 12pm.
(start location: 3623 LEARY WAY NW, SEATTLE WA 98107)

All performers must wear white (this is a strong reference to Bread and Puppet); thrift stores are perfect to find outfits – dresses are ok.

We need people to be theatrical, alive, vibrant, personable, honest, able to interact with public, be a team of players, and able to take instructions as well as improvise (perfect for dance and theater students or anyone looking to have a great time with community festival arts):

– giant flying birds (6 birds — 3 people per bird) – have 12 need 5
– a tree of life (three people) – we’ve got the tree covered!
– an enormous dog named Dogody (three people — one in front to bark and howl, one in back to poop) – we’ve got it covered!
– a huge snake (7 people, one in front to be very theatrical and playful) – (have 1, need 6!)
– children (to hold earth balloons that everything flies around, still need a kid for this! SOMEONE HELP US WE NEED A KID!)
– clouds (eight clouds, one person per cloud) (need 8 – we may not use these, but it would be awesome if we could).

We could also benefit from having:

A Giant Puppets Save the World Super Hero (all must wear white too – good role for parents/chaperones/gracious ones).

More Photographers and videographe (must wear all white)r: We are looking for two photographers to be in our ensemble (we will give full photo credits). (We have one professional, but love novice photos too!)

– Water Momma/Poppa (must wear white): Our Water Momma or Poppa makes sure the ensemble participants are all well hydrated with the earth’s most vital resource. The water will be kept in the base of our Tree of Life.

And we have an opportunity for:

A fourth Giant Puppets Save the World Apprentice (good for an internship research component):

– Assists primarily with the creation of artwork leading up to the parade and in coordination and performance efforts on the parade day. This is an excellent role for someone interested in learning more about giant puppet building techniques, methods and theory.

Here are some pics of the Giant Puppets Save the World crew working away (please “Like” us on Facebook)!

Thank you for your interest in community arts, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me, at (917) 648-8834, on FB, or via e-mail,

Toni Marie Mikulka
Giant Puppets Save the World

Outside of the Fleur de Lis Statuary, it’s our start spot (look for big crazy statue things).

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