Giant Puppets Save the World at Folk Life:

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Photo credit: Toni Mikulka

2 thoughts on “Giant Puppets Save the World at Folk Life:

  1. We had a four amazing stations of learning and participation at our booth for the Fremont Arts Council. 1) We demonstrated a reed building technique for the Giant Tree of Life. 2) Dogody, a character from last year’s Solstice Parade, was performed by puppeteer and giant puppet builders with audience participation and education on how to manipulate the puppet. 3) The Fremont Arts Council volunteers taught children how to make silk flowers for the giant Tree of Life. 4) We offered a mural making demo!

    • I was drawn to your booth with your colourful silk and giant Dogedy. I am so happy to have met you awesome ladies and receive some of your inspiring stories and share that creative energy that adds to the fire.
      I hope to see you soon!

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