Workshop this coming weekend!

Head frame for a giant snake

Remember to mark your beautiful calendars; Giant Puppets Save the World has a workshop coming up this weekend!

“How to Make Giant Puppets out of Reed”

At the Powerhouse (39th and Fremont Ave in Seattle), Sunday, 12-4pm

We’ll show you how to draft and form giant puppet creations out of sculpting reed. You’ll have a chance to on the body for the Giant Tree of Life Deva too!

A relief print example used with B & P.SPECIAL BONUS!!!!!

We have some special activities planned for the upcoming workshop  (if time permits). On: “How to Make A Relief Bread and Puppet-style Printed Poster to Support Puppetry in Seattle”! WEEEEEEE!

FOLK LIFE REMINDER: Build The Tree of Life Deva at the Folk Life Festival in Seattle (plus a test run of the first completed Cedar Waxwing!!!!!), Seattle Center, Memorial Day Weekend:

On behalf of the Fremont Arts Council, The Tree of Life Deva is going to be presented at Folk Life (Memorial Day Weekend) in the Creative Commons – a space for all things creative.  Children, aged 3 to 103, will attach hand-dyed silk strips for leaves which will flow from the puppets’ branch-like arms.   We’ll then show you how to make silk flowers using a tyeing method that will have the leaf-life tendril strips flowing in rivulets of silk roses! Join us!

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