Finished first workshop yesterday!

We completed our first free workshop yesterday! We had four attendees that worked on laying down reed for the giant Tree Deva head, the Cedar Wax Wing Bird Heads, and we finished the base for the Tree Deva Float!

Pictures are coming!

We also consulted and gave suggestions to the attendees wishing to build their own giant puppets!

Next workshop is next weekend.
We’ll be making the bird heads into 3D, and more! Wooo hoot!

4 thoughts on “Finished first workshop yesterday!

    • Thank you so much Katy! I can’t wait to see the way you acquire all these awesome skills to make your own monster creations come true! So happy we have you as a bird leader! Spread the good work on the puppets! This world can never have enough!

  1. Had a great time working in the Fremont Arts Council tent this weekend! Such a pleasure to get to collaborate with Sarah, Toni, Linda, Jeff, Gyan, and others! Art on!!!!

  2. I want to learn how to make GIANT puppets! I LOVE Sarah’s Doggity. Let me know when you have more classes.

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